We all have clients that we see on a repeat basis, be that daily, weekly or monthly. On smeMetrics repeat appointments are shaded in grey on your calendar and you cannot invoice the appointment unless it has been marked blue.

We introduced a feature that will now allow you to convert all repeat appointment for a set period from grey "Ghost appointments" to blue "attended appointments". To convert your repeat appointments go to the calendar on smeMetrics and click on the convert repeats button.

Converting Repeat Appointments :: 

Once you have clicked on this you will need to select the date range that you wish to convert

You will be asked to confirm that you want to convert the repeats, click yes if you are sure or no if you want to adjust the date range.

Once you click yes the system will begin converting the appointments from grey to blue and you will receive the below notification. 

Click on the refresh button, and the appointments will now be turned from Grey to Blue.

Invoicing Repeat Appointments :: 

Once you have converted your appointments you can now generate your invoices. If you need a guide on generating invoices please click here