Group appointments are a common occurrence for some practitioners and rather than adding an individual appointment for each person you can create a group and load a single group appointment to the calendar.

 Creating a Group on smeMetrics :: 

  1. Go to your calendar screen and click on Groups.
  2. Once you have clicked on groups the below screen will open up, you can now create your first group.
  3. Click on new and give your group a name and a description eg: Wednesday SI Group , so that you can easily identify the group.
  4. Select the group and click on open to add patients to the group. In the text block next to the Add button, start typing the name of the patient and they will pop up in the drop down. Select the patient and then click the add button. Repeat this until all patients needed have been added to the group then click save.

Adding a group appointment to the calendar :: 

  1. To load a group appointment onto your smeMetrics calendar, you will need to select the date on the calendar and on the bottom right hand corner of the pop up screen, select the drop down and change for Contact Mode to Group Mode. 
  2. Once you have done this, the system will now open an appointment screen for your to set the appointment, you will need to type the group name, duration, time, location and invoice template if you are using invoice templates then click save
  3. The appointment will now appear on your calendar as a group appointment.
  4. To see who in in the group simply click on the appointment, you will be able to see the patients, the location, invoice template etc.

To invoice a group session please click on this link