SMEMetrics has three different modes of operation as far as sending emails from the system to your clients is concerned.

 Mode 1: By default the system assigns you a Personal Support Email address in the form of 'support.<username>'. 

Mode 2: You can also choose to authorize SMEMetrics to send emails on your behalf using your existing private Gmail account. We will have no other access to your account, e.g. we won't have access to your Inbox, neither will we require your Gmail account password. You can also retract your consent at any time from within your Google account settings. 

  1. To set this email mode you will need to go to settings/ my Mail info and in the Support Email Mode block click on "Use Gmail Email Address" 

  2. You will need to grant smeMetrics authorization to use your gmail account to do this click on the authorize button. 

  3. When you click on this button you will be redirected to your google login screen and will need to select the account that smeMetrics will be authorized to use. 
  4. Once you have selected the account Google will redirect you to the below page, click on allow  

  5. You will be redirected back to smeMetrics where you will see the below screen, indicating that you have successfully authorized smeMetrics to send emails on your behalf. 
  6. Log out of smeMetrics and log back in to pull the changes through and you will see that the access token has been found. 
  7. If your smeMetrics still advises you that You need to first Authorize SMEMetrics to be able to send emails from your Gmail account before this feature will work correctly. You will need to go to your Google account settings and check the recent security activity, you may need to do a second authorization.  
    Click on the > and follow the instructions normally you just need to click the "Yes, it was me" button

    If this still does not work, please send a support ticket to advising that you have followed all the steps and include screen shits of the error so that our team can check from our side if there is an error

Mode 3: Finally you can choose to use a dedicated mail server. You will have to supply your username and password. However, the system will firstly encrypt the password in the database and secondly only use the provided credentials to send mails and never to read mails. 

  1. To set this up you will need to enter your email address. 
  2. Your Password. 
  3. Your email host server details Eg:
  4. Your email hosting port
  5. There is a test button available that will allow you to test if your configuration for your dedicated email is correct