Once you have generated your invoices the next step would be to allocate/ assign a payment to the invoice. In this guide I will detail how to allocate a payment directly to the invoice. 

Please note :: Invoices need to be in an approved status in order to allocate a payment to the invoice. Unapproved invoices do not reflect in the payment screen or on the clients account statement. 

Assigning a payment to a single invoice ::

  1. Go to billing/invoices
  2. Here you will find all your invoices. To allocate a payment for a client do a contact search to pull up all the invoices for a client by entering their name into the tool bar 
  3. Once you have all the clients invoices listed, select the invoice that you wish to allocate a payment to and click on the radio button (little circle) next to the invoice number. Then click on the payment button. 
  4. Once you have clicked on the payment button the below screen will pop up. 
    • The system will assume that the full payment was received but you can change it to the

      amount that the customer paid.

    • You can also specify the date that the payment was received.

    • You can also select the type of payment received eg :: Cash, EFT etc

    • If you select the "Auto Mail Paid Invoice" box the system will automatically send the client an updated email with the paid invoice so that they can submit the invoice to their scheme for reimbursement. 

    • Click Save to allocate the payment to the invoice.

  5. If the amount is paid in full the invoice status will change to Paid. If not paid in full the status

    will remain as Approved.