Once you have generated your invoices the next step would be to allocate/ assign a payment/s to the invoices. In this guide I will detail how to allocate a payment in order to assign it to multiple invoices. These payments would generally be in the case where the medical aid has paid for a few sessions on one remittance or where a client has paid in an amount to cover a few outstanding invoices. 

Assigning a medical aid (Bulk) payment :: 

  1. Go to billing/payments
  2. Here you will find all your payments. To allocate a payment for a client click on the new button. 
  3. Once you have clicked on the new button the below screen will pop up, enter the client name and the amount paid, the date the payment was received and then the type of payment eg: cash, medical aid or EFT. Click save to create the new payment 
  4. To assign the payment to invoices select the payment and click on Edit to open the below pop


  5. All the customer's invoices that are approved and awaiting payment will be displayed with

    their current outstanding amount. From here you can choose to allocate funds manually by

    clicking on the 0.00 amount under the Allocated column and typing in an amount for each

    invoice or you can choose to Auto allocate by clicking the + next to the remaining amount.

    • Please note when selecting auto assign that the system will start assigning funds to the

      oldest invoices first but you can edit the amounts afterwards.

    • Below is an example of what the screen looks like when selecting Auto allocate

    • If you want to manually assign the payment to specific invoices Eg: from a remittance where the remittance advises which invoices were paid. You need to click the far righthand column on the line with the invoice number and date and enter the paid amount manually. Once you have entered the amount, press the "enter" key on your keyboard to assign the amount to that invoice/s. 

  6. Once you are happy with the allocations click on Save to allocate the payment.

    • Please note :: If the payment has fully settled the invoice/s they will be reflected in green in the column titles "Allocations" 

    • Please note :: If the payment has not fully settled the invoice/s the invoice/s, the invoice number and outstanding amount will be reflected in red