One of the most important things in your practice is billing or invoicing timeously to ensure that your claims reach the medical aid in time for the next payment run. The easiest way to do this would be to submit your claims via EDI (Electronic Data Interchange). 

Submitting claims through EDI means the claim goes directly into the scheme's claims processing pool and does not still need to be manually processed by an agent at the scheme. These claims therefore hit the scheme immediately and are processed faster, resulting in a better cash flow for the practice. EG: A claim sent via EDI on a Saturday afternoon will be process for payment on the following weeks payment run, but a claim sent via email on the same day will only be processed for payment the week thereafter. 

Loading Prepaid Credits for your EDI submissions on smeMetrics :: 

EDI claims on smeMetrics, work on a prepaid basis, so that you can track your usage and see what you have spent your credits on. To load credits you please follow the links below

Prepaid Credits (ZAR, R100) -


Prepaid Credits (ZAR, R200) -


Prepaid Credits (ZAR, R500) -

Once you have made payment please send the proof of payment to in order for the accounts team to load the funds. 

If there are multiple practitioners on your account you will need to indicate in your email, which practitioner the funds need to be allocated to or how you would like the funds split between practitioners :: EG :: Split funds evenly between practitioners A, B and C or load R 200.00 to A, R 350 to B and R 100 to C

How to check your EDI Balance and usage on smeMetrics :: 

Once you have loaded the credits you will receive a paid invoice for your records from smeMetrics, to check if the credits have been loaded, go to settings/ Mu Subscription info and you will be able to see your Pre-Paid balance. 

You can also set an minimum balance threshold and notification so that the system will send you an email when you reach the threshold, giving you time to reload funds before you run out of credits. My recommendation is to set this threshold for R 100.00 that will allow at least 20 to 25 claims before you run out of credits. 

To check what your credits have been used on click on the little speech bubble next to the balance amount. 

This will bring up the below pop up screen where you can see all transactions.