Once you have set up your business info the next thing that you will need to set up is your calendar info, in this section we will cover the various settings available to you. 

Calendar Notifications :: 

  • Send calendar meeting request to :: 
    Business admin user - this option will send you a meeting request for each appointment that you enter into your smeMetrics calendar.
    Client ::  this option will send a meeting request to your patient, listed contact person and/ or responsible person based your settings.
  • Enable SMS Notifictions :: 
    This setting will let the system know that you wish to send sms reminder notifictions to your client 24 hours before thier appointment. Please Note :: sms notification are charged at R0.50 pert sms.
  • Show invoice Template colour :: 
    This setting adds a coloured dot to all appointments in your calendar where you have selected an invoice template for the appointment. This is a great way to see what type of appointments are in your calendar or to clearly indicate the medical aid patients and the private patients based on invoice template. 
  • Time Slot Duration :: 
    This setting allow you to set your default appointment time slots.
  • Business admin user email :: 
     The email that is entered here is the email that smsMetrics will sync to in order to show the appointment on your smeMetrics calendar on your prefered calendar app on your phone or PC ( Ical, Gmail, Outlook Ect) 
  • Allow overlapping Events :: 
    This setting allows you to add multiple appointments to the same timeslot on your calendar. 

My Calendar Locations :: 

This section allows you to add different locations to your practice, so that when you add an appointment to the calendar you can specify the location that the appointment will be held at. This is helpful for practitioner that work in multiple venues or in some cases to advise clients that the appointment will be held via Zoom, Skype or Phone. 

To add a new location to this section follow the below steps :: 

  1. Type the name of the location in the open tab.
  2. Click on the add button. 
  3. Click Save 

To delete a location in this section follow the below steps :: 

  1. Click on the location.
  2. Click the delete button 
  3. Click Save. 

My Calendar Bookings :: 

This section allows you to enable online bookings for your clients. To activate this option tick the check box then click save and your dedicated smeMetrics calendar link will appear. This link can be embedded on your website as a button to allow your clients to make their own bookings.

Once you have activated this you will need to set up your booking settings in order to make sure that if clients are booking online that they are booking based on your availability ect. 

General Booking Defaults :: 

  • Number of appointments per day :: 
    This section lets the system know what your maximum number of appoitments per day is, so that when a client wants to book online, the system will check how many appointments are already in the calendar and only show the remaining slots to your client :: Eg if you select 8 and there are 6 slots in your calendar the online booking system will advise that there are only 2 slots available for the day in question.
  • Time Frame Rules :: 
    These basically tell the system how far in advance a client can book an appointment.
    Provide a lead time of at least so many minutes before the appointment time:  This setting allows the system to prevent bookings within a set timeframe before the booking time. In the image below the system cannot book an appointment with in 6 hours of the requested appointment time (IE:: they cannot book at 8am today for 14pm today) 

    Do not offer appointments more than so many months into the future :: This setting lets the system know that it can only book appointment so many months in advance. In the image above this is set to one month so the client cannot make a booking for 2 or 3 months from now. 
  • Bookings require your approval :: 
    This setting give you the ability to approve a booking, the appointment will appear as pink in your smeMetrics calendar and you can then approve it or decline it, if you do not wish to approve appointment and want clients to simple be able to make a booking you can leave this check box unticked and the appointment will be automatically added as a blue appointment to your smeMetrics calendar. 

Default Time Slots :: 

These settings determine your time slots for online bookings. 

  • Duration ::
    Fixed number of minutes :: You have the option to set your default time slot duration this will mean that all online appointments are booked for the same duration.
    As per invoice template :: With invoice templates you can have multiple session types available for online bookings and the client can book the appointment based on the session type.
  • Time slot Starting times :: This setting lets the system know what time your sessions start so that when making an online booking the system offers the starting times as per your settings and if you are using invoice templates it will look to see where it can fit an appointment in based on your starting times :: In the image above the starting time is set of on the hour 00 this means that if the appointment in the calendar was a 45 minute session (09:00 to 09:45) and a client wants to book on line after that session it will book the next appointment for 10:00am

Weekly Availability :: 

 This is where you can set your weekly availiability, locations and working hours.