As much as we do not like to think about it at some point there is going to be a patient or two that does not pay their account on time. As a practitioner you may not have the time to call and follow up on each late or overdue account this is where Dunning comes in.

The dunning process is an automated process that will send out payment reminder or overdue notices to your clients in a set time frame based on your payment terms.

To set the overall dunning terms you will need to go to settings/ My Dunning Info the below screen will open up to the system's default dunning settings

To activate Dunning click on the check box and then adjust your settings for when you want the emails to be sent to your clients.

IE:: payment terms are 7 days, dunning set for 10 days the first email will be sent 17 days after the invoice date. 

Dunning is the final step with an account to advise client that if payment is not made the account will be handed over and services stopped. Please be advised that once a client has gone through all 3 stages of the dunning process that dunning is turned off on that client as the system see's the account as handed over for collection. 

Should you wish to use dunning as your basic payment reminders the you will need to activate the Allow Repeated Dunning option so that the system reactivates the dunning process on a client that has received all three dunning notices. My advise if you are using dunning this way would be to edit the dunning email templates, To do that please refer to the article on My Mail Templates :: Dunning 

The system does not differentiate between the invoice date and the date that the invoice was actually sent, so if your payment terms are set for 7 days and as an example you bill monthly on the 20th but the last time you saw the patient was on the 13th when you send the invoice you need to ensure that the invoice date is set to the date that you generated and sent the invoice otherwise the client will get a late payment notification on the 21st. 

To set your payment terms you need to go to My Invoice Info, please refer to the article Configuring your smeMetrics Account - Invoice Info